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Re: debian-archive-keyring_2017.7+exp_source.changes ACCEPTED into experimental

Cyril Brulebois:
> Hi,
> Debian FTP Masters <ftpmaster@ftp-master.debian.org> (2017-12-16):
>>  debian-archive-keyring (2017.7+exp) experimental; urgency=medium
>>  .
>>    * Team upload.
>>    * Install separate keyrings for each release in /usr/share/keyrings
>>      (both in the regular deb and the udeb).  This is to enable
>>      initial testing of narrowing the set of trusted keys per machine.
>>      Thanks to Daniel Kahn Gillmor for the suggestion.
>>      (Closes: #861695)
> Please make sure net-retriever gets updated… At the moment, it only
> looks at a given keyring (/usr/share/keyrings/archive.gpg), so we'll
> need a plan and a description of the proposed new setup at some point.
> Cheers,


Indeed - the above was done exactly so people could tinker with it and
submit bugs/patches to (among other) d-i.
  Please note that at the moment the packages still contains the
original keyring files in the original locations, so the existing setup
should still work as usual (except that the deb + udeb are "slightly
larger than they need to be").


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