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Re: debian-archive-keyring_2017.7+exp_source.changes ACCEPTED into experimental


Debian FTP Masters <ftpmaster@ftp-master.debian.org> (2017-12-16):
>  debian-archive-keyring (2017.7+exp) experimental; urgency=medium
>  .
>    * Team upload.
>    * Install separate keyrings for each release in /usr/share/keyrings
>      (both in the regular deb and the udeb).  This is to enable
>      initial testing of narrowing the set of trusted keys per machine.
>      Thanks to Daniel Kahn Gillmor for the suggestion.
>      (Closes: #861695)

Please make sure net-retriever gets updated… At the moment, it only
looks at a given keyring (/usr/share/keyrings/archive.gpg), so we'll
need a plan and a description of the proposed new setup at some point.

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