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Bug#852323: debian-installer: grub-installer not convert root= entry to UUID

On Mon, 09 Oct 2017, Michael Stone wrote:
> > I'd still expect the installer to DTRT with UUIDs in that case, though.
> > I'm more thinking of a non-standard bootup / custom kernel or similar...
> Maybe I'm missing something here? Fire up a current debian netinst 9.2 iso
> in a kvm session (no special image or unusual hardware), go through an
> install. On reboot, look at the defult boot entry in grub, note that on the
> kernel command line root=/dev/sda1 (or somesuch) not UUID=X. This is very
> reproducible. In practice this results in an unbootable system for a
> non-expert user if they install from a USB stick that comes up as sda (so
> the grub entry is sdb) and they pull the USB stick out to boot into debian.
> If the kernel command line is manually fixed up, running update-grub after
> boot will create the expected root=UUID=X kernel command line.
> This is a regression from jessie, for which the exact same sequence of
> commands would result in a grub kernel command line with root=UUID=X

This smells similar to the problem I have seen here when update-grub
is run in a chroot:

Unfortunately, the root cause is not clear. It looks like a behaviour
change at the kernel level...

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