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Bug#852323: debian-installer: grub-installer not convert root= entry to UUID

I'd still expect the installer to DTRT with UUIDs in that case, though. I'm more thinking of a non-standard bootup / custom kernel or similar...

Maybe I'm missing something here? Fire up a current debian netinst 9.2 iso in a kvm session (no special image or unusual hardware), go through an install. On reboot, look at the defult boot entry in grub, note that on the kernel command line root=/dev/sda1 (or somesuch) not UUID=X. This is very reproducible. In practice this results in an unbootable system for a non-expert user if they install from a USB stick that comes up as sda (so the grub entry is sdb) and they pull the USB stick out to boot into debian. If the kernel command line is manually fixed up, running update-grub after boot will create the expected root=UUID=X kernel command line.

This is a regression from jessie, for which the exact same sequence of commands would result in a grub kernel command line with root=UUID=X
Mike Stone

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