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Re: Bug#872867: is ISO-3166 really the optimal list for our users?

Fun to see this discussion going round with people having no idea of
what we went through back in 2004 and later and the real circumstances
around the choice of ISO-3166 and the very few minor concessions we
made back then (mostly Taiwan and Macedonia), to accomodate at best
what would be good for our users.

So my only and last words about this topic will be:

- drop support for countries in the installer? Probably the stupidest
idea I've ever heard. If you do so, then please first ask for dropping
support for locales in the glibc

- use an alternate list than ISO-3166. Come on. Who will maintain that
in the long term?

- do something for Kosovo? Yeah, I think it's worth it. The best being
to ask it to be exceptionnally added to the iso-codes package (which I
would support, even though I'm no longr its maintainer)

In short, reassign this bug to iso-codes and rename it. This is what I
would do.

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