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Re: Last chance for d-i changes in stretch

Le samedi, 27 mai 2017, 17.17:10 h CEST Didier 'OdyX' Raboud a écrit :
> win32-loader should be arch:all-rebuilt (aka uploaded) with a versionned
> Build-Depends on the  latest debian-archive-keyring. It would therefore
> also embed the latest versions of all the other binaries its standalone
> version embeds.

For all packages with the same version in unstable and testing, it's not an 
issue (and doesn't need an explicit B-D version); it's the case for all but 
one of the packages win32-loader has a Built-Using value for: src:gnupg2 is 
currently in 2.1.18-8 version in unstable and -6 in testing.

If I upload win32-loader now, it will embed gpgv-win32 2.1.18-8, no matter 
which gnupg2 version will be part of stretch. There are three alternatives, in 
decreasing order of preference:
* get gnupg2 in testing, upload win32-loader to unstable, migrate it
* upload win32-loader to unstable, upload it _too_ (with a different version?) 
in testing-proposed-updates to get rid of the version discrepancy
* upload win32-loader to unstable, migrate it (and too bad for the version 

> It also currently uses httpredir.debian.org as only mirror, so we should
> decide if it makes sense to consolidate onto deb.debian.org for win32-
> loader too.

I've staged a change of all mirror references to deb.debian.org. The 
previously-discussed source compression change away from .bz2 would also be 
part of that upload. I'm waiting for directions regarding gnupg2 :-)


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