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Last chance for d-i changes in stretch


You might have noticed final preparations for d-i Stretch RC 4 are
underways. A new debian-installer upload (or a binNMU) will need to
happen before the first stretch release (aka. r0). If there's anything
you want or would like to include in r0, now is the time to mention it.

Right now, the last upload/binNMU will be needed:
 - to account for updated keys in debian-archive-keyring;
 - to include pending netcfg changes (IPv6 vs. rdnssd);
 - to possibly include a last choose-mirror update;

Independently of the debian-installer upload/binNMU, installation-guide
can also be uploaded again if there are any new changes. In which case:
sooner is better than later.

Reminder: It was confirmed in the last release team meeting that we're
again going for a full week with absolutely no changes except for
critical fixes. installation-guide doesn't qualify; and d-i should get
its last update before we enter that no-changes week.

Thanks for your attention.


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