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Re: Bug#862992: systemd: avoid attempt to re-create /etc/mtab by systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service


Maximilian Stein <m@steiny.biz> (2017-05-28):
> I tried it again and apparently, /etc/mtab was actually created by
> FAI, not by debootstrap, sorry for the confusion.

Ah, this would explain. :)

> But maybe it would be an idea to create it by debootstrap to avoid its
> creation on the first boot?

I'm not convinced by this. There a quite a bunch of situations where
debootstrap is used to create a system that's not even supposed to be
booted from, so I guess having systemd do its automatic fixing of bits
if that's needed… is just fine as-is. Even more so since we already have
appropriate instructions within debian-installer for setups where's a
system to be run is being installed.


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