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Re: Last chance for d-i changes in stretch

On 05/26/2017 07:04 PM, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> You might have noticed final preparations for d-i Stretch RC 4 are
> underways. A new debian-installer upload (or a binNMU) will need to
> happen before the first stretch release (aka. r0). If there's anything
> you want or would like to include in r0, now is the time to mention it.

While installing a Debian 9 system a couple of days ago, I noticed
that at the end of the installation it took a couple of seconds for
doing finalizing actions related to open-iscsi - even though the
system I installed didn't use iSCSI at all.

I've looked at that for a bit, and found out that this is my own
fault: one of the uploads of open-iscsi I did before the freeze
changed the logic on how the initiatorname was generated within the
installer, (due to feedback from Ubuntu people IIRC) ensuring that
/etc/iscsi always contains files, and the check in the finish-install
script now thinks that iSCSI is used in _all_ installations. (It
checks for /etc/iscsi/* [1].) For this reason it regenerates the
initramfs on all installations, which takes a couple of seconds.

The effect here is totally harmless (it just unnecessarily calls
update-initramfs -k all -u), but it might be annoying.

KiBi: I suspect you don't want to change this so close to the
release, but in case you do, I'd be happy to upload a targeted fix
for that.


[1] https://sources.debian.net/src/open-iscsi/2.0.874-2/debian/open-iscsi-udeb.finish-install/

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