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Re: Last chance for d-i changes in stretch


Christian Seiler <christian@iwakd.de> (2017-05-26):
> While installing a Debian 9 system a couple of days ago, I noticed
> that at the end of the installation it took a couple of seconds for
> doing finalizing actions related to open-iscsi - even though the
> system I installed didn't use iSCSI at all.

Oh, I had been wondering a bit about this, since timing seemed to have
changed a bit with my automated tests; but I ended up bumping the max
delay, thinking the initial setting was borderline, instead of

> I've looked at that for a bit, and found out that this is my own
> fault: one of the uploads of open-iscsi I did before the freeze
> changed the logic on how the initiatorname was generated within the
> installer, (due to feedback from Ubuntu people IIRC) ensuring that
> /etc/iscsi always contains files, and the check in the finish-install
> script now thinks that iSCSI is used in _all_ installations. (It
> checks for /etc/iscsi/* [1].) For this reason it regenerates the
> initramfs on all installations, which takes a couple of seconds.
> The effect here is totally harmless (it just unnecessarily calls
> update-initramfs -k all -u), but it might be annoying.
> KiBi: I suspect you don't want to change this so close to the
> release, but in case you do, I'd be happy to upload a targeted fix
> for that.

I think it would be best to postpone considering such a fix for the
first point release, instead of aiming for r0. Let's look at this once
r0 is out, so as to avoid generating noise for the release team? I've
added an item on my d-i task list so that I don't forget about it.

Thanks for your input!


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