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Re: how to get/put up installation report on installation failure when immediate network is not available.

In-line :-

On 26/04/2017, shirish शिरीष <shirishag75@gmail.com> wrote:
> in-line :-
> On 25/04/2017, Baptiste Jammet <baptiste@mailoo.org> wrote:
>> Hello,
> Hello,
>> Dixit shirish शिरीष, le 25/04/2017 :
>>>My query is how to save installation report and send it in the
>>>instance when the installation is a failure. I know that details of
>>>what worked or didn't is in the memory (RAM) but how to save it to usb
>>>disk/usb thumbdrive ? At times where I'm installing I do not have
>>>immediate access to the web to send it.

Hi all,

FWIW I filed #861288 with a wishlist priority as I don't know :-

a. If debian-cd was the correct package to file it under or not

b. I am not sure how to proceed further than that or what's required
to tell/share it's important to have that in the image.

>> "reportbug --output=FILE" is a possible workaround.
>> From reportbug manpage :
>> -o FILE, --output=FILE
>> Instead of sending an email, redirect it to the specified  filename.
>> Interesting files & infos are listed in the output template.
>> Baptiste
> My query is how to save it ?
> IIRC, CTRL+SHIFT+F1 or one of the Function keys does take you to the
> console mode.
> Usually, whether it's 200 MB, 700 MB or 4.4 GiB ISO, afaik the usb
> disk takes the full space.
> One more thing, while I'm sure reportbug is there in the 4.4 GIB .iso
> image.

Bapiste, are you saying to first make a partition and then direct the
file there or how ?

Currently the default behavior of reportbug is something like this -

Submit this report on debian-cd (e to edit) [Y|n|a|c|e|i|l|m|p|q|d|t|s|?]? q
Saving a backup of the report at
Bug report written as /tmp/reportbug-debian-cd-20170427-8431-a_vw0dtq

As can be seen quitting puts it in /tmp

So do I do it like this -

$ reportbug installation-report --severity=normal

This is when there are two partitions on the usb disk (sdc1 and sdc2)
made by fdisk/cfdisk (one of them) before.

OR label it and get it mounted and then

$ reportbug installation-report --severity=normal

If somebody has done the above and documented it somewhere, please share.


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