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how to get/put up installation report on installation failure when immediate network is not available.

Dear all,
There are two three queries I have but instead of bunching them
together, would try to get solutions or pointers by spelling them

Below is the first one -

1. Installation report on installation failure - At times when you are
installing Debian either on too new hardware or too old, obsolete
hardware, at times the installation fails invariably/probably due to a
driver issue.

The device I usually use to do are usb disk/s / thumbdrive  as I find them to be
more convenient as well as having better shelf-life than most cheap
DVD's. Some good usb disks have lasted even four years and beyond as

When the installation is a success, I know I could just run reportbug
and put 'installation report' as the package and it would tell/share
that the installation was a success.

My query is how to save installation report and send it in the
instance when the installation is a failure. I know that details of
what worked or didn't is in the memory (RAM) but how to save it to usb
disk/usb thumbdrive ? At times where I'm installing I do not have
immediate access to the web to send it.

Another use-case is to get the same data to study and see if I could
figure out possible issue and resolve it locally and then send  the
same to the Debian BTS.

I had read somewhere that one way to do it is if I have say an 8 or 16
GiB usb disk/hdd I could partition it, put the iso image on one
partition and save the report on another partition . But how to do
that remains a mystery ? There also may be other ways in which the
installation report could be sent but how could that be done I'm

I just saw https://bugs.debian.org/861123 but it's not immediately
apparent whether he saved the report locally or not.

Looking forward for pointers and strategy.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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