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speech-enabled expert/rescue/autoinstall keyboard shortcuts


Somehow somebody managed to raise that there is no menu entry for
starting the rescue mode with speech synthesis enabled.  That actually
also raises the question of doing the same for expert install and
automated install.

It's really a matter of adding the menu entry: just copy/paste the
existing expert/rescue/automated entries, and append speakup.synth=soft
to it.

Now the question is: which keyboard shortcut to use?

For now, the only documented accessible keyboard shortcut is "s" to
start a speech-enabled installation.  I guess we don't want to add yet
other entries to the main menu, so we'd put these additional entries
under the "advanced options" submenu, which already has shortcut "a".
However, the natural "e", "r" and "a" shortcuts are already taken for
the non-speech versions.

Would it really be a problem to change the meaning of those shortcuts,
to make them start the speech versions instead of the non-speech
version?  I have to say I myself never used those shortcuts, since it's
so fast to just move down a few times when one is sighted :)


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