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Re: Installing chapter in the release notes

Hi Vince, 

Dixit Vincent McIntyre, le 20/03/2017 :

>> +<term>ifname instead of mac address</term>
>Not having really worked with stretch yet (ie target audience member),
>I'm had no real idea what this meant when I first read it.
Found in the Alpha 1 release annoucement:
linking to this thread:

>Can you say what you mean in fuller terms that we could pare back
>to something suitable for the notes?
I understand it as: Network interfaces will be named using their
firmware/BIOS name, or their physical location, or using a static
mapping (as before). This won't depend on the discoveriong order. This
won't apply for the upgrade. 
(I see it as the /dev/hdXY -> UUID transition)

>Currently jessie systems use e.g. eth0 for the interface names.
>Reading [1] it seems it is possible to use the MAC address, eg
>enx78e7d1ea46da for the interface with MAC 78:e7:d1:ea:46:da.
Reading it (thanks for the link), I see that mac-adress naming is
available but not used. So network interfaces will have unusual name,
but not as exotic as this!

>IIUC your text is stating that the eth0 scheme will be default?
I try to say the opposite!



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