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Bug#853927: debian-installer: Hang in os-prober in "dmsetup create -r osprober-linux-sda1"


Scott Leggett <scott@sl.id.au> (2017-02-04):
> Yep - at least, the title of the bug shows the command that was
> blocking (I waited 5 min or so for it before killing it..)

Thanks for confirming.

> > The LVM fix was about adding this codepath:
> > | elif [ "$types" = LVM2_member ]; then
> > |         debug "$1 is an LVM member; skipping"
> > |         exit 0
> > 
> > right after this one:
> > | elif [ "$types" = crypto_LUKS ]; then
> > |         debug "$1 is a LUKS partition; skipping"
> > |         exit 0
> > 
> > and we seem to have a crypto_LUKS partition as sda1, so I'm not sure why
> > the dmsetup create thing was even attempted. Adding Colin & Ivo to cc,
> > maybe they'll have an answer.
> > 
> > Direct crypto_LUKS looks like something we should be supporting, even if
> > that's not something one can achieve with a guided setup; so I'd
> > consider this less urgent than the LVM fix we needed to release Stretch
> > RC 2, yet nice to fix.
> A couple more data points:
> I've used the Stretch RC1 installer without issue on another
> workstation with a somewhat similar disk layout - the difference being
> that it had only one physical drive (one LVM physical volume on a
> single crypto_LUKS device).

That might come in handy if we have troubles reproducing your exact
issue. Out of curiosity: is grub able to handle unlocking the root
partition without a separate /boot partition? I haven't tried that
myself yet.

> I've also installed Jessie on several machines with a very similar
> partitioning layout as in this bug report (two drives) without issue.

The os-prober codepath you're hitting is rather new (Stretch RC 1), so
I'm not surprised that you didn't hit this issue with Jessie.


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