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Bug#853927: debian-installer: Hang in os-prober in "dmsetup create -r osprober-linux-sda1"


Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> (2017-02-02):
> ACK. There's a problem with os-prober 1.73 if you're using LVM on the
> target which causes this. The fix is already in the archive in 1.74
> (as of yesterday) and included in the latest RC2 installer so this
> shouldn't be an issue for long.
> See #853277 for more details.

I'm not so sure; if you look at Scott's setup, you'll see it hang on
sda1, which isn't an LVM member. So we might have another issue here.

Scott, can you please paste the output of the “blkid” command?


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