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Bug#853927: debian-installer: Hang in os-prober in "dmsetup create -r osprober-linux-sda1"


Scott Leggett <scott@sl.id.au> (2017-02-03):
> > Scott, can you please paste the output of the “blkid” command?
> > 
> Sure:
>   $ sudo blkid | column -t
>   /dev/mapper/sdb3_crypt:  UUID="4uBen6-VyP1-OsWI-fQdD-nGkr-KdFC-q1msXC"  TYPE="LVM2_member"
>   /dev/mapper/ssd-root:    UUID="efe6d251-3751-4f6e-a172-f0488cd50b3e"    TYPE="ext4"
>   /dev/sda1:               UUID="bb939d6e-baa9-4168-8d50-f6d558d4cc32"    TYPE="crypto_LUKS"  PARTUUID="107fd5bf-9de8-486f-8e35-d6f94dc983f0"

>   /dev/sdb1:               UUID="EA53-3A1A"                               TYPE="vfat"         PARTUUID="f74e919b-1f8b-4967-bdec-2f1f2d38a3bc"
>   /dev/sdb2:               UUID="56d4748a-4bbd-492e-93cd-33f28cb933e6"    TYPE="ext2"         PARTUUID="d25c1a0d-a232-413c-bc74-7637df9ae248"
>   /dev/sdb3:               UUID="a7c42763-f233-4630-8964-5739130aa3b5"    TYPE="crypto_LUKS"  PARTUUID="2935b6e9-3d32-4ad5-98c9-bebc148e766b"
>   /dev/mapper/ssd-swap:    UUID="150cc804-1750-4309-a692-01e0de71f854"    TYPE="swap"
>   /dev/mapper/ssd-tmp:     UUID="85ae96c9-655e-42b1-84d4-5b279b30a8c5"    TYPE="ext4"
>   /dev/mapper/ssd-var:     UUID="24e7f13d-dd06-4ba4-a178-b1ddc84814e8"    TYPE="ext4"
>   /dev/mapper/sda1_crypt:  UUID="YpCfV6-NLu6-80Bs-7Y2c-BY5O-OtDZ-H0BqJD"  TYPE="LVM2_member"
>   /dev/mapper/spin-home:   UUID="503569d6-25f0-449d-88ca-e2a2e1945333"    TYPE="ext4"

This is rather strange. Are you sure it was hanging on the *sda1* partition?

The LVM fix was about adding this codepath:
| elif [ "$types" = LVM2_member ]; then
|         debug "$1 is an LVM member; skipping"
|         exit 0

right after this one:
| elif [ "$types" = crypto_LUKS ]; then
|         debug "$1 is a LUKS partition; skipping"
|         exit 0

and we seem to have a crypto_LUKS partition as sda1, so I'm not sure why
the dmsetup create thing was even attempted. Adding Colin & Ivo to cc,
maybe they'll have an answer.

Direct crypto_LUKS looks like something we should be supporting, even if
that's not something one can achieve with a guided setup; so I'd
consider this less urgent than the LVM fix we needed to release Stretch
RC 2, yet nice to fix.


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