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Re: d-i manual: PDFs now generated with dblatex


Dixit Holger Wansing, le 29/12/2016 :

>Thanks to the patch from victory, we have managed to switch generation
>of PDF files from jade to dblatex.

>The files can be found here:
>(as a preview of the manual for Stretch).
Thank you all for this.

>I would be happy, if you could take a look at a PDF for your language,
>to see if everything is fine (especially displaying / characters /
>fonts). Of special interest would be all non-ascii characters.

French (that has no very special characters) seems OK, except a line
wrap not respected (p.66 for amd64),
« /usr/share/doc/kernel-package » must be put next line, but it is
readable enough to not be critical !


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