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Bug#845779: flash-kernel: flashkernel uses mkimage -A arm on arm64

On 12/17/2016 11:22 PM, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Heinrich Schuchardt <xypron.glpk@gmx.de> [2016-11-26 16:54]:
>> I want to get the Hardkernel Odroid C2 supported by flash-kernel.
>> It is a 64bit system.
>> Unfortunately in file /usr/share/flash-kernel/functions the functions
>> mkimage_kernel() and mkimage_initrd() both call mkimage with argument
>>  -A arm .
>> This is incorrect. On 64bit arm systems you have to use
>>  -A arm64 .
>> Otherwise neither u-boot nor the kernel can read the images.
> Your latest patch looks fine to me but I'm wondering why this is
> needed in the first place.
> On modern devices, we no longer wrap the kernel and initrd into an
> u-boot image, but we boot it directly using bootz (arm) or booti
> (arm64).
> I see there's also one "mkimage -A arm" call to generate the boot
> script.  Is that's what causing you the problem?
Hello Martin,

for my Hardkernel Odroid C2 mailine U-Boot support is still incomplete.
It can only boot from tftp.

The legacy U-Boot provided by Hardkernel has a booti command but it
crashes with a mainline kernel.

The legacy kernel image does not start with 4D 5A (MZ) as normal images do.

So unfortunately currently I am stuck with bootm.

With my patch package flash-kernel is usable after updating the database
(cf. #845818).

Looking at the flash-kernel package you will find
/etc/flash-kernel/bootscript/bootscr.xgene-mustang uses bootm too.

Best regards

Heinrich Schuchardt

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