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Re: Default theme for Stretch



Le dimanche 27 novembre 2016, 23:27:37 CET Cyril Brulebois a écrit :


> I can't test right now due to various constraints, but one should make

> sure changing menu position etc. doesn't lead to issues with submenus

> and some installation images which have several menus concatenated; the

> multi-arch image comes to mind. Didier might have some insight about

> this one (cc added).


Surely, it needs to be tested more widely.

I’ve only tried with the netboot build.


FWIW the only change apart from the background is to raise the menu/helpmsg a little.

So if anything it should add more space for additional menu items below.

Feel free to take that out if you don’t feel comfortable, though :


--- a/build/boot/x86/stdmenu.cfg
+++ b/build/boot/x86/stdmenu.cfg
@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@ menu color help         37;40 #ffdddd00 #00000000 none
# XXX When adjusting vshift, take care that rows is set to a small
# enough value so any possible menu will fit on the screen,
# rather than falling off the bottom.
-menu vshift 12
+menu vshift 8
menu rows 10
-menu helpmsgrow 15
+menu helpmsgrow 13



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