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Re: Default theme for Stretch


Aurélien COUDERC <zecoucou@free.fr> (2016-11-27):
> Le dimanche 27 novembre 2016, 22:37:35 CET juliette Belin a écrit :
> > Hi,
> > I just uploaded a new version of the syslinux / isolinux artwork.
> > Hope it's more suitable ;)

Thanks Juliette!

> Hopefully KiBi will have his visual habits less shaken up with this
> new version. :-P
> @Cyril I’ve pushed the updated background and slight tweaks to the
> menu position to d-i repo, in pu/stretch-theme branch.  Screenshot
> attached.

Many thanks!

I can't test right now due to various constraints, but one should make
sure changing menu position etc. doesn't lead to issues with submenus
and some installation images which have several menus concatenated; the
multi-arch image comes to mind. Didier might have some insight about
this one (cc added).


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