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Re: SV: debian-installer manual: call to update translations

Quoting Holger Wansing (linux@wansing-online.de):
> Hi,
> Joe Dalton <joedalton2@yahoo.dk> wrote:
> > Hi Holger, do we have access to that page?
> > that is can we edit the information. I could add this information, and make 
> > some links to the place for the po files and statistic for the files in Debian in stead.
> No, I don't have access there.
> In the past, this was perfectly maintained by Frans Pop, but after his dead
> there are still some of his jobs orphaned, sadly.

Statistics are in /home/groups/d-i/htdocs/manual on alioth, with
everybody in the "d-i" group having access to the directory.

I suspect this is only a matter of re-cronning the right cron job and
the stats should be re-updated.

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