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Re: d-i manual: call for translation update ?

Hi Christian,

On Sat, Nov 26, 2016 at 08:32:17AM +0100, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> It would definitly be good. You "just" need, however, to get ready to
> receive tons of questions from people who "want to help" and thus need
> guidance to do so.
> It will eat a bunch of your time and you'd better be prepared for this
> and have the needed availability for this.
> That's indeed exactly why I simply stopped doing call for translation
> updates for D-I itself : given my lower involvment (in amount of free
> time) I reached a point where I couldn't sustain the load of answering
> the mails I was receiving when lauching these calls for translations
> (you always end up in many private mail exchanges, with goodwill
> people directly sending you updates and so on....).
> That exactly explains why the D-I l10n system is still working, and
> working well....but the ratio of "completeness" is far from being as
> good as it was during the "Great Years" (2005-2012 approximately). The
> only complete languages are indeed those that have very very very
> longstanding translators committed to do the work....even though
> updates are very minimal most of the time.
> (looks like that mail from me was long overdue, to explain why the D-I
> l10n stuff is less active as it has been...but also say that I'm still
> here around, though)

it's great that you're still around and working on d-i, also still
coordinating the languages. However, upon reading the above it occurred
to me that d-i not only needs a call for translations, but also a call
for a new translations coordinator or maybe rather a co-coordinator,
someone who would be willing+able to help you with the above tasks.

Given that you're still around and still happy to work on this, I
think/hope getting a new person to *also* work on this (=coordinating
translations) could actually be a smooth process.

So my idea in one sentence: not only make a call for translations, but
also make a call for helping coordinating these translations.

	Holger (my inbox is also currently flooded by individual mails
		to me, so I know exactly what you are talking about…)

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