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d-i manual: call for translation update ?


I thought about a call for translation update for the d-i manual.
There are some languages which are not so bad regarding their translation
status, so there should be a chance to get them updated.

OTH it's somewhat late for some heavily outdated languages, I know. Sorry for 
this. That's sv, vi and zh_CN. They did not receive any update for years
(2012 - 2013), but the translations are active in the package.
The last translators seem no longer active, so there is low chance to get these
languages up-to-date again before the next release IMO.
I would propose to remove them from langlist for the time being.

During development cycle of stretch+1 I would like to get those languages 
updated again, if possible.

Would do you think?
Shall I issue a call for translation update for the "good" languages?


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