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Re: d-i manual: call for translation update ?

Quoting Holger Wansing (linux@wansing-online.de):

> Would do you think?
> Shall I issue a call for translation update for the "good" languages?

It would definitly be good. You "just" need, however, to get ready to
receive tons of questions from people who "want to help" and thus need
guidance to do so.

It will eat a bunch of your time and you'd better be prepared for this
and have the needed availability for this.

That's indeed exactly why I simply stopped doing call for translation
updates for D-I itself : given my lower involvment (in amount of free
time) I reached a point where I couldn't sustain the load of answering
the mails I was receiving when lauching these calls for translations
(you always end up in many private mail exchanges, with goodwill
people directly sending you updates and so on....).

That exactly explains why the D-I l10n system is still working, and
working well....but the ratio of "completeness" is far from being as
good as it was during the "Great Years" (2005-2012 approximately). The
only complete languages are indeed those that have very very very
longstanding translators committed to do the work....even though
updates are very minimal most of the time.

(looks like that mail from me was long overdue, to explain why the D-I
l10n stuff is less active as it has been...but also say that I'm still
here around, though)

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