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Bug#844458: bootstrap-base: if debootstrap_script is unset, DEBOOTSTRAP_SCRIPT is set to a directory, breaking the install


Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> (2016-11-18):
> That's a preseeded test.  I've also installed jessie with that, as a
> manual install, and at least started a default stretch install (it's
> gone past the pointof error...) so I think that indicates that it works
> I didn't bother to test using the full path in base-installer/debootstrap_script.
> Given that it works, I'll apply that patch to the master branch.

so I've reviewed it earlier today, looked good, so it was uploaded.

Trying a netboot image, with mirror/udeb/suite=unstable, the 1.167
version got uploaded, and debootstrap worked just fine.



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