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Bug#844458: bootstrap-base: if debootstrap_script is unset, DEBOOTSTRAP_SCRIPT is set to a directory, breaking the install

Package: bootstrap-base
Version: 1.166
Severity: important
Tags: d-i patch

While testing the daily images, I get this:


which after looking into it, seems to be caused by the fact that the
debootstrap_script one would hope to be used is not actually set, but
instead it is set to the directory that contains the scripts.

This seems to have resulted from the recent change to bootstrap-base to
allow the script to be specified only as the codename, but which is not
checking whether the debconf variable is actually set.

This commit should therefore fix the problem:


I've applied that change to a broken image by hand, and it does solve the problem.

Cheers, Phil.  

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