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Re: Default theme for Stretch

Aurélien COUDERC <zecoucou@free.fr> (2016-11-19):
> Here’s a patch.  Again not tested (tried a quick debuild but it fails)
> so please take it with a pinch of salt.

You'll find attached a screenshot. I've built this in a sid chroot, with:

    make -C build rebuild_netboot-gtk

It feels a bit empty to me. But I've been seeing boot prompts for far too
long, I'm certainly biased. ;)

I've pushed your patch to debian-installer's master anyway, thanks!

> Also I’d like to propose a second patch for rootskel-gtk as Juliette
> slightly updated the design for the installer banner.

Sure, please go ahead!

> Is there any way to easily test the rootskel-gtk theme ? Ideally I’d
> also patch the GTK colors to match the banner but I don’t want to do
> that without test.

I don't think we have anything for this at the moment… What I usually do
when updating rootskel-gtk is: build its binaries, put them under
build/localudebs in the debian-installer source tree, then (re)build the
netboot-gtk image (see above).

Feel free to stage changes in a pu/theme branch or so in rootskel-gtk; I
can pull from there, and share generated installation images if you like.


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