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Bug#837926: debian-installer: please use fonts-noto-hinted to display the Sinhala script

Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> (2016-11-19):
> I now need to figure out where to make other changes.
> One is in the installer build files (in the debian-installer package
> itself) and is committed to git.

Maybe you forgot to push that part? I've mentioned it earlier when I
noticed the rootskel-gtk upload (and only saw this thread afterwards):

> Another is in one of the D-I packages : changing the file that mentions
> what fonts are used depending on the locale. This is not yet committed
> as I now have to remember what package we're talking about..:-)

That was indeed rootskel-gtk's gtk-set-font as you found out; sorry for
being late to the party.


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