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Bug#843916: debian-installer: fails to FTBFS when u-boot bits go missing


Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant@debian.org> (2016-11-13):
> Apologies; I had been intending to commit the removal myself after the
> openrd testers got back to me, but testing took much longer than
> expected, and I neglected to follow-up with the removals needed for d-i.
> I'll make sure with future removals to CC debian-boot if it's one of the
> targets currently supported in d-i, even if I plan to make the commits
> myself.

That would be nice!

FWIW things could have gone better on the release side anyway: d-i's build
system was letting such issues slip through…

And I could have communicated a bit more about the upcoming release anyway
(it took quite a while to get everything ready, so I can understand how
the fact we were trying to release can have escaped someone's attention…).


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