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Re: Install on Orange Pi Plus eMMC work but no reboot

Le 07. 10. 16 à 00:30, Karsten Merker a écrit :

So the boot order might not be problematic on the Orange Pi Plus, but
it can definitely be problematic on A64-based systems and it might
possibly be problematic on other H3-based boards.

Did you realize that SD card and eMMC uses both exactly the same signaling and controller on all processors, not only on the Allwinner family ? If a board designer is stupid enough to connect the eMMC instead of the SD card on the controller looked first by the on chip ROM, then it's not an argument to not support all the others boards that did it the right way.

Stupid boards need stupid recovery procedure anyway, regardless of the operating system. This is not a Debian problem. Or least Debian should not try to officially support broken boards. This is just a wast of time. Better to concentrate into work that yield a productive and safe result.

This thread is explicitly about the Orange Pi Plus board, because there exists a specific Debian installer SD card firmware for that board. This board do the boot order in the right way and it's perfectly safe to write the bootloader on his eMMC.

This of course doesn't mean that an option to install u-boot to eMMC
from inside the installer isn't useful, just that this needs proper
planning and also probably a configuration at the board level and not
only at the SoC level.

I think it's a way too conservative approach, just give the option with a warning. At least this will make some users happy by allowing to install Debian on eMMC from his superb installer. The current situation prevent any users to make a Debian install on a eMMC because of a tiny missing piece. This is frustrating.


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