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Re: screen-udeb prevents bterm, and thus a lot of languages


Samuel Thibault, on Sun 18 Sep 2016 12:21:01 +0200, wrote:
> Looking closely, it seems it's due to a spurious ^M in the output:
> C      ^[[35C^[[42D^M
> ^[[0m^@^@English^[[35C^[[42D^[[A^@^@C      
> I wonder where this ^M comes from.

It's most probably coming from various icrnl and onlcr conversions done
by ttys on the path between screen and the actual terminal.  That's
typically the kind of things that people won't want to delve into.  I
have thus uploaded a debian-installer-utils which ships a tinkered vt102
terminfo entry, to prevent screen from emitting ^J, and emit \E[1B
instead, less efficient to go down one line, but less problematic for


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