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Re: screen-udeb prevents bterm, and thus a lot of languages


I have moved the support to /lib/debian-installer.d/S70menu, along
bterm, which makes it actually much simpler, and fixes a lot of issues.
Along the way it gets disabled on the VGA console; it's kept enabled on
ssh and serial consoles.

I'm however still getting displaying glitches on the serial console,
which we already had with alpha7. Running from an xterm:

kvm -cdrom dest/netboot/mini.iso -serial stdio

and passing console=ttyS0 to the kernel, when moving inside menus the
display gets completely torn.  This doesn't happen when not running
inside screen.  I thought it might be due to dropping TERMCAP, so I
fixed slang2 to keep TERMCAP, but the same issue happens, I'm starting
wondering whether there is a bug in screen here, or perhaps just qemu
which puts the xterm in a particular state which makes it not properly
simulate vt102?  Setting TERM=ansi on the kernel cmdline fixes the issue.


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