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Re: All D-I's debconf templates in a single HTML page.

On 9/6/2016 7:18 AM, Charles Plessy wrote:
Hello everybody,

while working on preseeding D-I to make Cloud images, I found it a bit
difficult to figure out the details of this and that debconf template that is
listed in the preseed.txt example of the installation guide.  Therefore, I
collated them in a single HTML page.


I would be very intereted to have some feedback on how useful this is, and if
there would be a more relevant place or format to hold this information.

To create the page I ran the following command in the debian-installer
directory set up via `myrepos`:

    cat packages/*/debian/*.templates | debconfTemplateToHTML /dev/stdin

debconfTemplateToHTML is a haskell script.  It was great fun to write it, but
please be kind with my beginner's clumsiness :)  Also, the parsing is not
perfect, for instance I did not care about unfolding correctly the long
descriptions, ...


Have a nice day,


I am a newbie who sees that a very peculiar preseed.cfg could do much for me. I've unsuccessfully trying to find out all possible questions that could be asked by the installer. Your DebianInstallerDebconfTemplates.html may not be the answer I was looking for. *BUT* it *AND* your post have already pointed me in fruitful directions.

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