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Re: All D-I's debconf templates in a single HTML page.

On Tue 06 Sep 2016 at 21:18:58 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:

> Hello everybody,

Hello Charles,

> while working on preseeding D-I to make Cloud images, I found it a bit
> difficult to figure out the details of this and that debconf template that is
> listed in the preseed.txt example of the installation guide.  Therefore, I
> collated them in a single HTML page.
>     https://people.debian.org/~plessy/DebianInstallerDebconfTemplates.html
> I would be very intereted to have some feedback on how useful this is, and if
> there would be a more relevant place or format to hold this information.

>From the perspective of a user I find this very useful. Usually I look
at the templates file in a udeb and try to figure it out from there.
This puts puts almost everything on one page. I say almost everything
because Choices, Choices-C and Default isn't always filled in.

I'd say a wiki page would be a suitable place for your work. Something
which would try to remove the obfuscation in the official documentation
and make debconf and preseeding accessible to interested users.


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