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Re: Thinking about a "jessie and a half" release

On Tue, 2016-07-05 at 08:25 +0100, Rebecca N. Palmer wrote:
> Have you reported this bug (with the full warnings)?  If not, please
> do so.

I haven't.  If I got a response at all to "My monitor doesn't work" it
looks to me it would be: compile latest source with instrumentation
turned on and send log.  I've tried compiling the Intel drivers before
- I could not get patches to apply.

Fortunately, others get the same backtrace:


It probably isn't related to my monitor not displaying, but I won't be
able to tell until 4.8, when the patch addressing that report is
scheduled to make it to a released kernel.  Like I said, progress is

My point is really the 4.4 kernel is nothing special for amd64.
 Laptop's with Intel chipsets that started shipping over 6 months ago
don't work 100% with it.  Actually from memory the Intel GPU driver
opps's on occasion in 4.4.

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