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Re: Next d-i alpha release: late June

On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 07:16:59PM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Karsten Merker <merker@debian.org> (2016-06-28):
> > I have run some short tests on an A20-Lime2 - with 2016.03+dfsg1-6
> > it doesn't hang anymore during boot, so the patch works as
> > expected. I'll try to find time for some further tests later this
> > evening.

I have in the meantime run further tests with u-boot
2016.03+dfsg1-6 (including going through a full installation
process with a locally-built d-i) on an Olimex A20-Lime1 and on
an Olimex A20-SOM-EVB - none of them shows any freezes,
so I think we are clear to proceed with the release.

> Do you happen to know if u-boot only needs to be in unstable as
> mentioned by Vagrant, or if we need to have bits in testing as well?
> I suspect flash-kernel might install or do stuff with u-boot things
> so it might make sense to urgent u-boot into testing for the release?
> Or am I totally off?
If the release is built in a sid environment, from a purely
technical point of view it should be enough if u-boot
2016.03+dfsg1-6 is in sid. The various platform-specific u-boot
binary packages (e.g. u-boot-omap, u-boot-sunxi) are a
build-dependeny of d-i as the d-i buildscripts use files under
/usr/lib/u-boot to create the various target-specifc images.

The only u-boot binary package that is used at d-i runtime (and
called by flash-kernel during kernel updates) is u-boot-tools,
which hasn't changed it contents between 2016.03+dfsg1-5 (in
testing) and 2016.03+dfsg1-6 (in unstable).

Nonetheless I would find it a cleaner solution to urgent
2016.03+dfsg1-6 into testing. If somebody should try to
re-install u-boot from the package in testing on one of the
affected systems, he ends up with an unbootable system. This can
of course be fixed by putting the SD card into another computer
and installing the u-boot from unstable there, but IMHO we
shouldn't ship known-broken bootloader files in testing if we can
avoid it.

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