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Bug#817259: reopen 817259

reopen 817259
I am reopening this bug, because in the meanwhile I read the check instructions given in
and following the first method suggested (dd command with parameters given by isosize) I could determine that the checksums (md5 and sha1) of all the 3 DVDs are ok.
Also the file by file check against the md5sum.txt was ok.
I repeated the installation -in expert mode- with different choices for the architecture and/or desktop, but got the same problem. I then tried the installation based only on 1st DVD (3.16.0-4-586+KDE), which went on and concluded without problems,
and looks to be working properly.
Now, when I try to load some additional applications from DVD2 or 3, I get some "strange" error messages of the type "package .. is already installed and configured", although the procedure looks then to conclude successfully.
No idea of where the problem comes from.
Thanks for the attention
Giuliano Cabrele

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