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Bug#816682: live-installer: Inaccessible utility


There was also a bug in at-spi2-atk, I have uploaded a fixed package.

So, to summarize the needed steps to get d-i accessible from debian live:

- at-spi2-atk fix (debian/patches/p2p), done.
- adding a udeb for libgail-common & libgail18, filed as #816720
- setting GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge in the debian-installer.sh script,
filed as #816705
- adding the content of libgail-common-udeb and libatk-adaptor-udeb to
the d-i image used by the live installer.  I don't know which image the
live installer uses, is it just using the standard gtk d-i image (in
which case we can just add the packages to g-i), or is it building its
own image?


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