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Re: Bug#816682: live-installer: Inaccessible utility

Control: clone -1 -2
Control: reassign -2 debian-installer-launcher
Control: retitle -2 debian-installer-launcher: Set gtk2 variables for accessibility

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL, on Thu 03 Mar 2016 22:24:02 +0100, wrote:
> Once run, nothing happens. Orca stays quite. Doesn't read any widget.

Thinking about it: d-i uses gtk2 for now, so GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge
is needed for accessibility to be enabled. apparently it's the
debian-installer.sh script in the debian-installer-launcher package
which handles which environment is passed to the installer, so that
environment variable needs to be set there.

I still don't get accessibility working, apparently there's a dbus issue
going on (I can see several dbus session buses...), but that variable
will be needed anyway.


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