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Re: What's the deal with discover*?

[Cyril Brulebois]
> This probably could have been mentioned earlier.

Yes.  I am sorry I did not.

> Probably. I read your previous mail as “let's use isenkram-cli from
> d-i”, which we can't for the reason I mentioned. Reusing its logic
> (contents and/or shell scripts) could make sense though.

One idea is to create a new isenkram-udeb with the relevant parts, and
make it a dependency of hw-detect, and either call
isenkram-autoinstall-firmware from hw-detect to install the wanted
firmware packages, or provide a script to list relevant firmware
packages and their sections for hw-detect to show to the user.  Not
quite sure which approach is best.  To install firmware in /target/, I
suspect using the tasksel tasks provided by isenkram-cli might be a good
approach, and for those to work we just need to install isenkram-cli in
/target/ before calling tasksel, so the need for an isenkram-udeb
package is only to handle firmware loading before creating /target/.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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