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Re: util-linux: dropping cfdisk-udeb, switching to ncurses


Andreas Henriksson <andreas@fatal.se> (2015-06-04):
> I'd like to hear your thoughts on the util-linux version currently
> sitting in experimental. After discussions[1] with the ncurses
> maintainer who enlightened me about previous discussion about
> simply dropping cfdisk-udeb[2], that's what I've done to be able
> to switch from slang to ncurses.
> Does this pose a problem for the installer? If I don't hear
> anything back soon I'll assume you're fine with this and
> move ahead towards unstable.

Please don't rush the upload towards unstable. We're busy:
 1. trying to get 8.1 out;
 2. trying to get a Stretch Alpha 1 out;

and I don't have the needed bandwidth to handle/look at important
changes like this right now.

> Regards,
> Andreas Henriksson
> [1]: http://bugs.debian.org/787430
> [2]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2011/02/msg00990.html
> PS. I hope everyone's aware that since util-linux v2.26 all of
> sfdisk, cfdisk and fdisk now are based on libfdisk which supports
> many modern features including GPT. Not sure how much or if at all
> any of these tools are used by the installer.


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