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Bug#773274: installation-reports: parted_server segfault

Matt Taggart <taggart@debian.org> (2014-12-16):
> Package: installation-reports
> Version: 20141216-00:08
> When attempting an install using a daily image, I ran into a case where 
> parted_server segfaults with the following:
> parted_server[29651]: segfault at 8 ip 000000000040b4b1 sp 00007fff5d7c54c0 
> error 4 in parted_server[400000+12000]
> I tried it several times and attempted to distill it down to the simplest 
> case I could. To repeat:
> 1) create a partition and mark it for encryption
> 2) configure encryption, set it up (don't erase to save time, but that
>   doesn't matter), finish encryption
> 3) mark newly created encrypted volume as for LVM
> 4) configure LVM, create a volume group and a logical volume, finish
> The menu will freeze at "Detecting filesystems" and the above error is in 
> syslog.
> Setting up LVM on a non-encrypted disk works just fine, I didn't see the 
> problem unless it was encrypted.

Please specify the image you used, and please attach your syslog.

(https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/ch05s04.html.en#problem-report etc.)


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