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Bug#773274: parted_server segfault

I spent some more time repeating the bug and realized I was missing a 
detail and I also distilled the test further. Here are the new steps:

1) create two partitions, mark them both for encryption, accept their
  encryption settings
2) run Configure encrypted volumes, create the 2 volumes, finish
3) After returning from #2, mark the first encrypted volume as for LVM, 
leave the second to it's default of ext4
4) Configure LVM, create vg, mark the first encrypted volume as a pv, 

It attempts to go back to the partitioner and then the partman_server 
segfault happens with the menu hung on "Detecting file systems".

Also, I determined a few other things
* It's not necessary to create an lvol, just the vg with the encrypted pv
  is enough.
* Encryption settings don't seem to matter
* I tried erasing the partition contents in case something in them was
  causing problems

Hopefully that is clear and someone is able to repeat the bug, let me know 
if I need to explain more or if you have questions.


Matt Taggart

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