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Bug#773274: installation-reports: parted_server segfault

Package: installation-reports
Version: 20141216-00:08

When attempting an install using a daily image, I ran into a case where 
parted_server segfaults with the following:

parted_server[29651]: segfault at 8 ip 000000000040b4b1 sp 00007fff5d7c54c0 
error 4 in parted_server[400000+12000]

I tried it several times and attempted to distill it down to the simplest 
case I could. To repeat:

1) create a partition and mark it for encryption
2) configure encryption, set it up (don't erase to save time, but that
  doesn't matter), finish encryption
3) mark newly created encrypted volume as for LVM
4) configure LVM, create a volume group and a logical volume, finish

The menu will freeze at "Detecting filesystems" and the above error is in 

Setting up LVM on a non-encrypted disk works just fine, I didn't see the 
problem unless it was encrypted.


Matt Taggart

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