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Re: Old-timer installer, task-sysvinit?

Hi Phil,

On Sonntag, 23. November 2014, Philip Hands wrote:
> Then again, I've used d-i as a presentation tool[1] -- I'm clearly
> deranged.
> [1] http://hands.com/d-i/lenny/classes/ukuug06/early_script

nice! I was looking for that pointer since (iirc) KiBi reminded me of it's
existance at the recent mini-debconf...

And so I just did this commit to "add three new jobs:
(sid_daily|jessie|wheezy)_presentation - Thanks to Phil Hands and Frans Pop"


For the actual jobs see for example: 


- drive the presentation (do keyboard input as needed)
- use preseeding files on jenkins.d.n and not hands.com :-)


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