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Re: Bug#770635: linux: [armhf/armmp] Add udeb modules to support video and keyboard for imx6

On 2014-11-22, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> Debian-installer hd-media image on armhf doesn't work with the hdmi
> output and usb keyboard, though these work fine from an installed
> system.
> I believe adding the following modules to the fb-modules and
> usb-modules udebs should allow this to work for hd-media (and possibly
> netboot as well).
> Unfortunately debian-installer seemed to build with the udebs
> currently shipped in Jessie

I figured out a fix for that (was a corner case of localudebs + custom
sources.list)... and it works!

Please consider applying the patch, which enables console installs on
wandboard, cubox-i and probably several other imx6 based devices.

live well,

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