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Bug#770635: linux: [armhf/armmp] Add udeb modules to support video and keyboard for imx6

Package: linux
Version: 3.16.7-2
Severity: normal
Tags: d-i patch

Debian-installer hd-media image on armhf doesn't work with the hdmi
output and usb keyboard, though these work fine from an installed

I believe adding the following modules to the fb-modules and
usb-modules udebs should allow this to work for hd-media (and possibly
netboot as well).

I've tested it to work by manually appending these modules to the
hd-media initrd, and it seemed to work on both a wandboard quad and

I've tried creating an installer image with my custom kernel and udebs
to test with greater assurance, using the instructions found at:


Unfortunately debian-installer seemed to build with the udebs
currently shipped in Jessie rather than the locally build udebs,
though am unsure if there's an easier way to force it to use the udebs
From localudebs.  I think it will "just work" once these modules are
actually in sid/jessie...

diff --git a/installer/armhf/modules/armhf-armmp/fb-modules b/installer/armhf/modules/armhf-armmp/fb-modules
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..29bdd07
--- /dev/null
+++ b/installer/armhf/modules/armhf-armmp/fb-modules
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
diff --git a/installer/armhf/modules/armhf-armmp/usb-modules b/installer/armhf/modules/armhf-armmp/usb-modules
index c0f4e1b..38f91fe 100644
--- a/installer/armhf/modules/armhf-armmp/usb-modules
+++ b/installer/armhf/modules/armhf-armmp/usb-modules
@@ -5,3 +5,4 @@ ohci-exynos

Thanks for your work!

live well,

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