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Bug#767999: base-files: fails to install with pre-jessie debootstrap

Control: tag -1 -patch
Control: reassign -1 dpkg 1.17.21
Control: affects -1 debootstrap

[ Context: debootstrap/wheezy is now unable to debootstrap either jessie
or sid. ]

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2014-11-05):
> > I'm not calling Adam's proposal insane. His proposal is just wrong.
> > What I was calling insane is the fact that we are still having this
> > discussion instead of making a debootstrap upload for stable.
> The situation could probably have started (and/or continued) in a better
> way if there would have been less fingerpointing/shooting the
> messenger/whatever you call it.
> But, from where I stand, several developers were actually checking facts
> after I cherry-picked the patch in to the stable branch, and I decided
> to wait and see where the situation was going. Apparently there are
> several views on the matter, and without commenting on their respective
> relevance, I'd like to emphasize several things:
>  - Developers have limited free time.
>  - Developers might be getting ready for the imminent freeze.
>  - Uploading to stable means making sure the fix is right, rather than
>    uploading hastily.
>  - Uploads to stable don't appear magically on users' systems a few
>    hours later; it takes a point release or users' having configured
>    s-p-u in their sources.list; so I don't think any haste (see previous
>    point) would help anyway.
>  - Uploads to stable have to be reviewed by release team members, who
>    might also be busy dealing with a flood of freeze-related requests at
>    the moment.
> So I'd suggest taking a step back, reassigning/forcemerging reports when
> you have time for that, and waiting for some feedback; probably from me.

Tests performed on an amd64 host running wheezy, debootstrapping amd64.

Well I bisected the archive and the last debootstrapable jessie release
was at 20141102T221202Z; looking at the set of updated packages between
that one and the next one, it looks like… dpkg got updated from 1.17.13
to 1.17.21. And unsurprisingly reverting current jessie to dpkg 1.17.13
makes debootstrap work again.

A few weeks or even days before the freeze doesn't quite seem to be the
right time to introduce (not so) subtle changes in dpkg. Reassigning it
to dpkg for now; and cc-ing the release team because of things like the
#768346 unblock request.


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