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Re: Bug#767999: base-files: fails to install with pre-jessie debootstrap

reassign 767999 debootstrap

Adam Borowski, STOP this insanity!


> > (And you should really read the full logs for Bug#766459 to understand
> > this instead of killing the messenger
> The guilty party for this bug is either base-files or base-passwd.

Wrong. It's debootstrap installing base-files and base-passwd on the same dpkg run.

It should install base-passwd first, then all the remaining packages.

> Neither dpkg nor debootstrap are at fault: that this problem did not
> show up before was an issue akin to relying on hash order.

Wrong. debootstrap is at fault for installing base-files and
base-passwd on the same dpkg run.

Sorry, I'm not going to apply a patch which is based on a twisted
interpretation of policy. Your interpretation of policy means
base-passwd should not be essential and we should add a lot of depends
on base-passwd every time we do a trivial chown in a maintainer script.
Since that's a stupid thing to do, I can't consider that to be the
correct interpretation of policy, sorry.

It's not a bug in base-files (or any other package) to use chown in
its postinst. Lot's of packages do that and none of them have to use
hardcoded uids in the postinst. That's a STUPID thing to do and that's
the reason we made base-passwd essential.

Again, this is debootstrap job, and the patch for debootstraop is
reasonable and clean.

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